Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's official! Ballot documents filed, and big endorsements rolling in

We turned in all the paperwork on Friday and we're confirmed for being on the ballot. At the same time some wonderful endorsements have been rolling in - Assemblyman Jim Beall, County Supervisor Liz Kniss, four Palo Alto Councilmembers, former mayor Peter Drekmeier, and two former Mountain View mayors. It's all here on the endorsement page, and I'm expecting we'll see more soon.

I've also been expanding the scope of people I've talked with to include people on the water supply side who interact with the Water District, in order to get a handle on different perspectives for the District's future.

I should also mention that one other person, Lou Becker, has also qualified for the Water District ballot. I've known Lou's been interested for a while. We put up our own campaign website over a month ago and I've occasionally checked to see if Lou's campaign has a website up, but I haven't seen it. If and when they get something up, then I'll be sure to provide a link.


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