Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The two views on Permanente flood control project

The Water District decided today to keep working on the Permanente Creek flood control project together with Mountain View, despite the disagreement last December about what should be done with McKelvey Park.  Below I tried to lay out what I think may be the perspectives of the City Council and the perspectives of the District Board, why they differ and how we can move forward to reach a common perspective.  It's the first two and a half minutes of the video:

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Comments on Permanente on January 8

I had trouble posting this video earlier, I'm hoping it will work better as a separate blog post:

Challenges with Permanente flood control project

Just putting this in for future reference:  a brief discussion between Director Estremera and myself about the future of the Permanente flood control project, which has run into many delays and now most recently faced some concerns from Mountain View City Council about one aspect of it, the McKelvey Park flood detention basin:

(UPDATE:  if the first video below isn't loading well, try clicking here or at the link below.)
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Video here, Click on January 8 2013, Item 5.1, starting at 2:24:00

This is the follow-up I did, speaking to the Mountain View City Council:
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Video here, January 15th, Item 5, starting at 00:05:00