Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're in the news - Mercury News published an Op-Ed by Brian referencing the Water District election

The Mercury News published my Op-Ed on a "Silicon Archipelago" that can replace Silicon Valley sprawl as the model for economic development in South Santa Clara County.  An excerpt:
Goodbye, Silicon Valley. Hello, Silicon Archipelago.
The low-density, land-wasting sprawl of Silicon Valley's past does not have to continue through the South Bay. A better model can be an archipelago: a chain of urban islands emerging from an ocean of green space, all interrelated but separated. This Silicon Archipelago model has a realistic chance of describing the future geography of our region as our high-tech economy extends southward.
Fixing sprawl will have enormous benefits to conserving water, avoiding dangerous development in flood-prone areas, and improving our watersheds.  A Silicon Archipelago will be a much better future for the Water District.
The byline lists my employment at Committee for Green Foothills and says I am "a candidate for Santa Clara Valley Water District seat 7".  It's great to get the news out!

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